PointProxy.com History

Screen shot of old PointProxy.com website.

Screen shot of old PointProxy.com website.

In early 2010, PointProxy.com was created for proxy owners to list their proxy websites. It was being sold on various forums. Towards the end of 2011, PointProxy listing script was renamed and sold as Zilzil proxy listing script. The update was said to have fixed security bugs.

The site was promote by username zeolshah, who now owns ZilZil Proxy. The Zilzil proxy listing script is currently for sale at http://www.zilzilproxy.com/buy.php

Pointproxy.com was promoted on these forums:




Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 8.56.57 PMhttp://www.netbuilders.org/proxy-list-support-forum/point-proxy-script-24835.html – In this forum thread, a user says he bought the new script but never got it.



The information above was compiled from Google search results and various forum posts. PointProxy.com domain expired and was purchased by someone who is not associated with the prior sales of the PointProxy Listing Script.

ZilZil Proxy Listing Script


ZilZil Proxy listing script is the old PointProxy script. PointProxy.com expired and was turned into a resource site listing current proxy listing script option.

ZilZil Proxy Listing Script, is one of the more affordable scripts on market at $14.99. You can buy the script here.

ZilZil Proxy Listing Script features include:

+ Sell top proxy space (selected proxies) via Paypal.
+ Fully Search Engine Optimized
+ On or Off Backlink requirement to submit proxy.
+ Auto approval of proxy with or without backlink.
+ Auto approval of proxy right after payment in selected proxies via Paypal.
+ On or Off Captcha requirement to submit proxy.
+ Option to disable certain domains like ‘.tk’ or ‘co.cc’.
+ Automatic Tweeting of new sites right after submitting.
+ On or Off Auto Tweet.
+ RSS Feed.
+ Proxy tagging (good for SEO).
+ Define Maximum and Minimum Tag Size.
+ Make tags attractive by setting different colors for tags.
+ Option to add/edit/delete tags.
+ Easy to add/edit/delete proxy categories (Glype,CGI,PHProxy etc).
+ Proxy sorting based on categories.
+ Proxy sorting based on tags.
+ Automatic Sitemap with Categories and Tags.
+ Theme support. You may customize easily any css theme.
+ Easy to add custom pages.
+ Hits counter.
+ Proxy Submitted Age.
+ Admin Panel.
+ Easy add/edit/delete proxy sites in admin panel.
+ Free updates.
+ Full support from us at any script issue.

The Ultimate Proxy List Script


A current listing script available for purchase is “The Ultimate Proxy List Script”.

Described as Effective, Simple, and Automated “The Ultimate Proxy List Script” has recently come on the scene. This proxy listing script has a responsive design, lightweight and SEO optimized. Here is a link to the DEMO site,

I haven’t purchased the script and there is no cost on the purchase page, so if you do purchase it let us know how it goes.